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The Ostrich Cooperative of Iowa has Iowa Grown meat products for you. Ostrich meat is a healthy, low-fat red meat that tastes great. Ostrich is served in fine dining establishments and in eateries that serve low cost, good tasting meals all over the world. Ostrich is also an easily prepared healthy main course that can be served at home as well.

The Ostrich Cooperative of Iowa was started in 128 days. It was the first coop started under Iowa's 501 law establishing Value Added Cooperatives. July 1, 1996 was the day the law went into effect and the day we registered the Coop. The Coop has worked at developing new products and promotions. We have worked closely with The Amana Smokehouse which does our Brats and with Specialty Leather Processors whom we worked with in producing top quality hides for sale. We are continually working on new products or promotions that will improve the market for Ostrich.

Our services page will soon have monthly and then weekly recipe ideas and in the future watch for a recipe exchange.

Check our products page for weekly specials as well as our other products. We can accept payment by check, credit card, or cash.

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