Mission Statement

To serve our membership by furnishing our customers the best Iowa raised Ostrich meat at the fairest price.

Company Profile

The Ostrich Cooperative of Iowa was started in 1996 by a group of Ostrich producers in a effort to better market Ostrich meat. The Iowa producers realized that Ostrich is an excellent meat, low in fat, low in cholesterol, yet high in iron and protein. The Cooperative has products available such as meat sticks, jerky, Ostrich fillet, Ostrich Straus (which is a bratwurst made in Amana, Iowa), ground meat and stir fry. We are continually working on new products.

The Ostrich Cooperative of Iowa's officers are Marion and Marj Striegel-President, Doug and Judy McCart-Vice President, Rick and Minoo Spellerberg -Treasurer, and Helen and Art Wall-Secretary. All officers and their spouses are involved in the production of ostrich and are personally interested in seeing a quality meat product on the market.

Contact Information

The Ostrich Cooperative of Iowa is located at 1551 NE 44th Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50313 Phone: 515-261-4552 email: info@iowaostrichcoop.com

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