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Ostrich Fillet (whole muscles) most tender
$24.90 per pound
order 20 lbs. or more for $20.75/lb.

Ostrich Steak:
1- 6 oz. steak
$4.39per package
order 20 lbs. or more for $3.95 each
Ostrich Filets 6 oz.
$9.35 each
order 20 lbs. or more for $7.75 each
Ground ostrich:
1 lb. packages
$11.40per package
order 20 lbs. or more for $8379/lb.
Meat Sticks (.07 lbs.)
$3.00 each or 5/$12.00e
Formed Jerky (.5 oz)
$3.00 each or 5/$12.00
Whole Muscle Jerky
(3 oz. pkg.)
$9.00 per package
$6.80/package 3oz package for 20 or more
Smoked Straus
5 per package
Sold Out
$6.19 per pound Sold Out
Summer Sausage

$14.00 per chub


Roast netted
2.5 pound package
$11.70 Lb. $10.50 wholesale


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This is Iowa grown, free range ostrich.

Our meats come vacuum packed and frozen in clear plastic.

Please inquire about other cuts or fabrications. We can process ostrich meat to your personal needs. Special prices available for whole or half birds custom processed to your specifications.