Ostrich Meats


Ground Ostrich
1 lb. package
$11.40 purchase 20 lbs or more for only 9.69

  Ostrich Roast - 2.5 pounds, netted
$11.70 per pound
purchase 20 lbs or more for 10.50 lb.






Ostrich Steaks

  Filet (most tender) $24.90/lb. Whole muscles marked with individual weight: purchase 20 lbs or more for only $20.75/lb

This is Iowa grown free range Ostrich.

All meat is vacuum packed and frozen in clear plastic.

Please inquire about other cuts or fabrications. We can process ostrich meat to your personal needs. Special prices available for whole or half birds custom processed to your specifications.

6 oz. Fillet $9.35 each purchase 20 lbs or more for $7.75 each.

6 oz. Steak $4.39 each purchase 20 lbs or more for 3.95 each.


Meat Sticks or Jerky


Meat sticks are .07 lbs.
$3.00 each 5/$12.00
Formed Jerky (.5 oz.)
$3.00 each or 5 for $12.00

Whole Muscle Jerky, shrink wrapped, 3 oz. package
9.00/pkg or


Custom Leather Products and Eggs

Custom made Ostrich Leather Boots
Custom made Ostrich Leather products:
Vests, belts, wallets, keychains & more.
Please contact us to inquire about our leather products and eggs.
Engraved Ostrich Eggs.. They make wonderful gifts. Engraved or carved. Click here to see other examples of engraved/etched eggs.

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